What Makes Canada a Dream Destination for Vietnamese and Many Residents Around the World?

Besides the immense red maple leaf forests or the majestic natural scenery, what helps Canada hold the hearts of travelers right when they first set foot in this country?

What Makes Canada a Dream Destination for Vietnamese and Many Residents Around the World?

If asked about a country worth living in the world, Canada will immediately appear in the minds of many people. As one of the leading countries in the happiness index, Canada attracts a large number of immigrants every year and is an ideal destination for many international students from all countries, including Vietnam. Despite its young history, Canada possesses many outstanding features and positive life values, proud to become one of the lands chosen by many people around the world as a place to live and study. and work.



The strong solidarity between races and cultures in Canada is reflected in the maple leaf symbol on the country’s flag. In a country with a large immigrant population with residents from more than 200 countries around the world like Canada, it’s easy to find miniature versions of every country in cities and towns. Cultural beauties are honored and preserved through many festivals held throughout the year, creating conditions for people from all races to exchange and learn different things from the traditional values ​​of the country. every country in the world.


As the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage (in 2005), Canada has always supported and defended the rights of the LGBTQI+ community. In major cities, pride parades are one of the most vibrant and prominent annual activities. In 2014, Toronto also hosted the World Pride event. Many politicians of all parties are also excited to participate in these events to spread positive values ​​and eliminate prejudices about the LGBTQI+ community in society.


As a country that welcomes residents from all over the world, Canada is considered the convergence of the world’s culinary elite. The city of Montreal is an ideal place for foodies as you can find almost every typical dish from every country.

In addition, when it comes to Canadian cuisine, it is impossible not to mention maple syrup, ice wine, and canola oil. All are typical dishes of the country of maple leaves and you can hardly find them anywhere in the world.


You might think, two countries on two different continents will have nothing in common. However, between Vietnam and Canada, there are still many intersections that you hardly recognize. Besides the commonalities in economic, political, and diplomatic cooperation goals, perhaps, the similarities in lifestyle, behavior, and outlook on life are the foundation for maintaining the relationship. 50 years of diplomatic cooperation between these two countries.


Canadians value the value of their home and always prioritize spending time with their loved ones. The Canadian government also attaches great importance to the role of the family in the development of each individual in society. Canada’s parental leave policy is widely supported by allowing the legal parents of a newborn or adopted child to take 52 weeks of leave. In addition, this policy will also ensure that parents continue to work in their positions when returning to work.

For the Vietnamese, regardless of their position in society, they always put their family as a top priority, because it is a place for them to lean on in uncertain times and give them the motivation to move forward. Try to develop yourself. In addition, the Vietnamese government has also issued and implemented many guidelines, policies, and laws, creating favorable conditions for family building, and preserving and promoting good traditional values ​​of the family. Vietnam.


Canadians are extremely friendly and have a very polite way of dealing with people around them. The words “Thank you” and “Sorry” appear in almost every conversation and are considered a daily habit of them. For the people of the land of maple leaves, the apology is not only used in case of mistakes but also used to show respect to the other party. In addition, Canadians love to open their stories with questions about their hometown, work, or share about their homeland’s culture.

For Vietnamese, no matter where you are in society, the words “Thank you” and “Sorry” are always standing in every situation. This shows politeness and respect for each other in the behavior culture of Vietnamese people. Besides, when meeting someone for the first time or having the opportunity to meet an acquaintance after a period of separation, Vietnamese people always open the conversation with greetings about health, hometown as well as work. present, similar to the communication style of Canadians.


Canada is one of the countries with a quality healthcare system in the world, which is a testament to the people in this country always attach great importance to healthcare and ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Besides, participating in life insurance packages is also their priority to prevent future risks.

Health is also a top concern for Vietnamese people. Physical training methods, healthy nutritional menus… are gradually becoming popular in the community. Despite the busy and hectic pace of life, they still take time to take care of their health by eating scientifically and going to the gym after work. Besides, in order to prevent unexpected situations from happening in the future, Vietnamese people have also started paying attention to participating in life insurance programs.

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